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Weapon Proficiency RomeRome Tactics Tier 2

Weapon Proficiency

Why carry a sword if you cannot use it well?

Each army had its own training methods. Nations with hoplite-heavy armies believed dancing and athletics were sufficient to prepare a man for battle. Roman generals took a slightly different view. Legionaries trained with a wooden sword, twice the weight of a battle weapon, against a wooden post. They would train for hours, practising stabs, thrusts and feints against their immobile opponents. This would then progress to fencing practice with other recruits, using swords with covered tips, before the finely-honed weapon skills were taken into full mock battles.


Weapon Proficiency

Node Set

Tier 2






  • +3% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • +15% missile damage for all land units
    (excluding siege units)
Requires Technologies Physical ConditioningPhysical Conditioning
Enables Technologies Tactical DrillsTactical Drills
Enables Buildings Practice CastrumPractice Castrum
Target StandsTarget Stands