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Double Plank Construction RomeRome Management Tier 4

Double Plank Construction

To use two different woods in a hull is to gain the strengths of both.

Ship construction in the ancient world developed in response to the perceived need for bigger, stronger vessels. Double planking allowed the ancient shipwrights to build vast, strong hulls whilst keeping the ships light and manoeuvrable. The technique used two types of wood, with the inner layer constructed from a softer material than the exterior. In some cases a layer of lead separated the two woods in vulnerable areas of the ship, while cloth or wool soaked in wax would also be placed between the layers to add waterproofing.


Double Plank Construction

Node Set

Tier 4






  • +5% replenishment rate for all armies and fleets
  • -5% recruitment costs for all ships
  • -5% upkeep cost for all fleets
Requires Technologies Naval ManoeuvresNaval Manoeuvres
Enables Technologies Fore & Aft RiggingFore & Aft Rigging
Enables Buildings Portus ClassisPortus Classis
Coastal PatrolCoastal Patrol