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Improved Plumbing RomeRome Construction Tier 5

Improved Plumbing

All towns need to be brought to ordure.

Roman philosopher and writer, Pliny the Elder, described Rome’s sewers as an engineering achievement “more stupendous than any”. Rome’s biggest sewer, the Cloaca Maxima, was first dug as a system to carry water from nearby marshland and grew into a complex network of sewers that expanded with the city. The whole system was eventually covered, shutting off the stench and risk of disease, making it Rome’s greatest advancement in sewer construction. The Cloaca Maxima became so vital to Rome’s development it was even granted its own deity: Cloacina, goddess of the sewer.


Improved Plumbing

Node Set

Tier 5






  • -7% building construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies Fired BrickFired Brick
Enables Technologies Moulded ArchitectureMoulded Architecture
Enables Buildings Colonia (Amber Road)Colonia (Amber Road)
Civil UrbsCivil Urbs
Garrison UrbsGarrison Urbs
Colonia (Master Glass Maker)Colonia (Master Glass Maker)
Colonia (Sluiced Mine)Colonia (Sluiced Mine)
Colonia (Grain Estate)Colonia (Grain Estate)
Colonia (Sluiced Mine)Colonia (Sluiced Mine)
Colonia (Master Leather Workshop)Colonia (Master Leather Workshop)
Colonia (Timber Trader)Colonia (Timber Trader)
Colonia (Marble Architect)Colonia (Marble Architect)
Colonia (Olive Oil Trader)Colonia (Olive Oil Trader)
Colonia (Master Dye Works)Colonia (Master Dye Works)
Colonia (Silk Road)Colonia (Silk Road)
Civil ColoniaCivil Colonia
Farming ColoniaFarming Colonia
Market ColoniaMarket Colonia
Public BathsPublic Baths
Colonia (Master Winemaker)Colonia (Master Winemaker)