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Lore of the Steppe Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) War Exercises Tier 6

Lore of the Steppe

Northern winds are merciless to the unprepared.

Life on the steppes was never an easy, but the Scythians had developed a very organised and effective set of tools for survival and conquest. In their heyday they were the epitome of everything that made steppe nomads into effective fighting men and superb cavalrymen. No one was their equal in the saddle. Civilised Greek writers such as Herodotus criticised them for being “barbarous and cruel", but civilised men were perfectly willing to hire them as mercenaries for their barbarous skills. The Scythians survived and thrived because they had mobility which they used with razor-sharp strategic precision to cut enemy lines of communications, harass and raid, forage for supplies in enemy lands, and retreat deep into the steppes when pursued.

War Exercises

Lore of the Steppe

Node Set

Tier 6






  • +7% replenishment rate for all armies and fleets
  • +1 recruitment slots (all provinces)
  • -5% recruitment costs for all army units (all provinces)
  • -6% upkeep costs for all armies
Requires Technologies Composite Bow TrainingComposite Bow Training
Enables Buildings Pagus (Armourer)Pagus (Armourer)
Pagus (Weaponsmith)Pagus (Weaponsmith)
Hall of ChampionsHall of Champions