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Composite Bow Training Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) War Exercises Tier 5

Composite Bow Training

The arrow that misses should never be loosed.

A composite bow is made of many layers, cleverly arranged to take advantage of the properties of each: the outside of the bow is often sinew, which stretches, attached to a wooden core, with horn, which can be compressed, on the inside facing the bowman. Such a weapon can store more energy when pulled than a simple wooden bow of similar size. This makes the composite bow an excellent weapon for mounted archers, as a large bow would constantly get tangled up in reins, or could not be quickly swung across the horse’s neck. However, archery is not a skill that is quickly mastered; archery from the back of a galloping horse is a skill doubly difficult to master, and until a mounted bowman can not only control his mount, usually with his knees, and string, aim and release an arrow at full gallop to hit the target, he is not a true steppe nomad warrior.

War Exercises

Composite Bow Training

Node Set

Tier 5






  • +7% replenishment rate for all armies and fleets
  • -15% mercenary recruitment costs
  • -4% recruitment costs for all army units (all provinces)
  • -4% upkeep costs for all armies
Requires Technologies Cavalry TacticsCavalry Tactics
Enables Technologies Lore of the SteppeLore of the Steppe
Enables Buildings Village (Shieldmaker)Village (Shieldmaker)
Village (Blacksmith)Village (Blacksmith)