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Servants of the Elite Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Warrior Code Tier 4

Servants of the Elite

An army has a structure; a mob only follows the loudest voice.

Although the relationship between knight and squire in medieval warfare is well known, less is known of a Celtic practice which shares a number of similarities. The Greek historian Diodorus wrote that elite warriors "bring into battle as their attendants free men chosen from among the poorer classes, whom they use as charioteers and shield bearers". These men were bound together by obligations of honour in much the same way that a young squire was bound to his knight.

Warrior Code

Servants of the Elite

Node Set

Tier 4






  • +5% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • +5% melee attack for all units
  • +5% melee defence for all units
  • +5% morale for all land units
Requires Technologies Tribal TotemTribal Totem
Enables Technologies War HornWar Horn
Enables Buildings Chieftain\'s HoldChieftain\'s Hold