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Battle Fury Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Warrior Code Tier 6

Battle Fury

Anger is one thing. This is something more dangerous altogether.

The Gaesatae were a group of elite Gallic warriors renowned for their ferocity. Their name roughly translates as 'spearman' and they fought as mercenaries against the Romans. Infamous for going into battle completely naked, an act that the Romans wrongly attributed to a desire to be unencumbered, it was actually a way for the Gaesatae to increase their contact with the earth. Greater contact with Mother Nature ensured their rebirth into the Otherworld should they perish in the mortal one.

Warrior Code

Battle Fury

Node Set

Tier 6






  • +7% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • +7% missile damage for all land units
    (excluding siege units)
  • +8% charge bonus for all land units
  • +14% shots per minute for all land units
    (excluding siege units)
  • +7% battle run speed for all land units
Requires Technologies War HornWar Horn
Enables Buildings Great HallGreat Hall