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Improved Defensive Artillery Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Siege Tier 5

Improved Defensive Artillery

He who casts the biggest stone laughs last.

As armies strengthened their siege engines and developed artillery capable of pummelling settlement walls, defenders were forced to adapt their tactics and equipment to counter the threat. A gateway flanked by towers was no longer enough to repel a determined foe. Defensive towers and platforms grew to accommodate not only archers and slingers, but also artillery engines as well. During the siege of Lilybaeum in 274BC, the Carthaginians placed catapults along the length of their walls to fend off the armies of Pyrrhus; his men were forced to abandon the attack by the weight of the defensive artillery bombardment.


Improved Defensive Artillery

Node Set

Tier 5






  • -7% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • +10% missile damage inflicted by all siege weapons
  • +10% city tower damage
  • +10% city tower shots per minute
Requires Technologies Ammunition StoresAmmunition Stores
Enables Technologies Armoured Siege UnitsArmoured Siege Units