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Iron Tools Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Tribal Economy Tier 1

Iron Tools

The hardest sod can be broken by an iron plough, when backed by an iron will.

The introduction of iron as a material for traditional farming tools, particularly the plough, improved the efficiency of farming and allowed farmers to meet a growing demand for crops. The basic plough was known as the 'ard' and was a simple soil-breaking tool pulled by animals, normally oxen. By introducing an iron ploughshare to the point of the ard, the tool became far more effective; it was able to dig deeper grooves in the soil and wore out less frequently.

Tribal Economy

Iron Tools

Node Set

Tier 1






  • +3 food
  • -2% agricultural building construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies Sheep HusbandrySheep Husbandry
Enables Technologies FertilisationFertilisation Craft SpecialisationCraft Specialisation
Enables Buildings Wagon CampWagon Camp