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Craft Specialisation Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Tribal Economy Tier 2

Craft Specialisation

Beautiful workmanship does not have to be the product of one pair of hands.

The skill of ancient craftsmen is well known due to artefacts that have been discovered during archaeological excavations. Through the study of these artefacts and their distinctive patterns it has been possible to piece together a timeline of the emergence and expansion of the production methods used. By specialising in a particular skill or craft, a man's worth increased exponentially, and the items he produced became far more valuable than the cost of the materials used. This, in turn, guaranteed a livelihood for many.

Tribal Economy

Craft Specialisation

Node Set

Tier 2






  • +3 food
  • +3% wealth from all commerce (all regions)
  • +3% tariff income from trade agreements
Requires Technologies Iron ToolsIron Tools
Enables Technologies Organised Craft WorkingOrganised Craft Working
Enables Buildings Public MarketPublic Market
Clay PitClay Pit