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Animal Husbandry Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Tribal Economy Tier 3

Animal Husbandry

Never let the runts of the litter breed if you wish to have a herd next year.

Breeding and raising livestock was a profitable activity for landowners, requiring far less labour and investment than arable farming. While animals were kept for meat, wool and dairy products for centuries, and animal husbandry was practised across the ancient world, it was the Romans who truly developed the art. Through selective breeding the Romans produced bigger, stronger livestock which provided more meat, milk, cheese and wool. They also developed fish farms, to satisfy the demand for fresh fish in inland provinces.

Tribal Economy

Animal Husbandry

Node Set

Tier 3






  • +5 food
  • +3% wealth from livestock (agriculture) (all regions)
  • -3% agricultural building construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies FertilisationFertilisation
Enables Technologies Crop RotationCrop Rotation
Enables Buildings Yurt MakerYurt Maker