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Dry Stone Construction Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Construction Tier 5

Dry Stone Construction

Some buildings deserve permanence and strength.

The misconception that the Celtic people were a wandering band of bloodthirsty warriors is easy to disprove. Dry stone buildings constructed in the 4th century BC still stand all over Europe as a testament to the construction techniques of the Celts. Mousa Broch on the Shetland Islands has survived the harsh weather conditions and is the tallest surviving example of its kind in the world. Its walls are so thick that they are able to house a staircase that is still climbable today, giving access to the multiple floors still present within this impressive piece of early architecture.


Dry Stone Construction

Node Set

Tier 5






  • -7% building construction costs (all regions)
  • +6% wealth from industry (all regions)
Requires Technologies Stone FootingStone Footing
Enables Technologies Enclosed SettlementEnclosed Settlement
Enables Buildings Pagus (Amber Road)Pagus (Amber Road)
Pagus (Master Glass Maker)Pagus (Master Glass Maker)
Pagus (Sluiced Mine)Pagus (Sluiced Mine)
Pagus (Grain Estate)Pagus (Grain Estate)
Pagus (Sluiced Mine)Pagus (Sluiced Mine)
Pagus (Master Leather Workshop)Pagus (Master Leather Workshop)
Pagus (Timber Trader)Pagus (Timber Trader)
Pagus (Marble Architect)Pagus (Marble Architect)
Pagus (Olive Oil Trader)Pagus (Olive Oil Trader)
Pagus (Master Dye Works)Pagus (Master Dye Works)
Pagus (Silk Road)Pagus (Silk Road)
Farm PagusFarm Pagus
Tribal PagusTribal Pagus
Pagus (Master Winemaker)Pagus (Master Winemaker)