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Advanced Cavalry Tactics Antony\'s Rivals (Imperator Augustus)Antony\'s Rivals (Imperator Augustus) Tactics Tier 6

Advanced Cavalry Tactics

Without order and purpose, cavalry are merely the well-heeled enjoying a day in the saddle.

The horsemen of Parthia, Armenia and Sarmatia were some of the finest in the ancient world. Their complex formations and tactics were so effective that other armies, including the Romans, rushed to copy them. The 'Cantabrian Circle', a fast-moving cavalry formation, was adopted by the Roman army shortly after the Cantabrian Wars. Riders would form a loose circle, each horse following the next at full gallop and as the riders came round to face the enemy they would loose their arrows. This deadly formation presented a difficult target for enemy archers and provided a constant stream of deadly arrow fire.


Advanced Cavalry Tactics

Node Set

Tier 6






  • +7% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • +14% melee attack for all units
  • +14% melee defence for all units
  • +10% charge bonus for all land units
  • +10% morale for all land units
Requires Technologies Strategic ManoeuvresStrategic Manoeuvres
Enables Buildings Basilica EquestrisBasilica Equestris