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Antony\'s Rivals (Imperator Augustus) Antony\'s Rivals (Imperator Augustus) Technologies


Vast engines of war can grind an enemy into the dust.

No. Technology research_points cost_per_round Requires Effects Enables
1 Battering Ram Siege Tier 1
Battering Ram
"Knock, knock!"
200 0 Supply Reforms
  • -3% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • Pre-siege: battering ram
  • Pre-siege: tortoise
    (stone walls only)
Boiling Oil Ammunition Stores Workshop
2 Ammunition Stores Siege Tier 2
Ammunition Stores
What use is the mightiest engine when there is nothing to fling at the enemy but insults?
300 0 Battering Ram
  • -3% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • +25% ammunition for units during siege defence battles
  • +20% shots per minute for all siege units
Central Grain Warehouse Town (Shieldmaker)
3 Boiling Oil Siege Tier 2
Boiling Oil
Not even the bravest can master their horror when being scalded to death.
300 0 Battering Ram
  • -3% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • Enables settlement gates to pour boiling oil (all regions)
Siege Tower Town (Blacksmith)
4 Siege Tower Siege Tier 3
Siege Tower
If you cannot go through a fortress wall, go over it. And in style.
500 0 Boiling Oil
  • -5% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • -40% attritional losses when besieging
  • -1 enemy siege hold-out time
    (double for city-ports)
  • Pre-siege: siege tower
5 Central Grain Warehouse Siege Tier 3
Central Grain Warehouse
Hunger weakens all loyalties.
800 0 Ammunition Stores
  • -5% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • -40% attritional losses when under siege
  • +3 siege hold-out time for besieged settlements
    (double for city-ports) (all regions)
Improved Defensive Artillery Colonia (Armourer)
6 Engineering Siege Tier 4
The lever, the wheel and the pulley, in correct combination, can remake the world.
1000 0 Siege Tower
  • -5% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • -1 enemy siege hold-out time
    (double for city-ports)
Armoured Siege Units Field Engineers\' Workshop
7 Armoured Siege Units Siege Tier 5
Armoured Siege Units
Powerful siege engines have delicate innards.
1600 0 Engineering
  • -7% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • +25% health for all siege vehicles
  • +25% armour for all siege units
Torsion Techniques Colonia (Weaponsmith)
8 Improved Defensive Artillery Siege Tier 6
Improved Defensive Artillery
He who casts the biggest stone laughs last.
2400 0 Central Grain Warehouse
  • -7% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • +10% missile damage inflicted by all siege weapons
  • +10% city tower damage
  • +10% city tower shots per minute
Basilica of Jupiter
9 Torsion Techniques Siege Tier 6
Torsion Techniques
The largest wall will tumble after many powerful blows.
2400 0 Armoured Siege Units
  • -7% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • -60% attritional losses when besieging
  • +15% missile damage for all siege units
Siege Engineers\' Workshop