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Oak Construction Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) War Exercises Tier 3

Oak Construction

Oaks have wisdom, and keep men who respect them safe.

Sacred to many barbarian tribes, the oak was believed to possess great spiritual strength and act as a gateway to the Otherworld. As a shipbuilding material it provided incredible hull strength, which was vital for ships sailing the rough Atlantic waves. Both Caesar and Strabo wrote of the strength of warships built by the Veneti tribe, stating that ramming attacks did very little damage to their strong oak hulls, forcing the Romans to develop new tactics to defeat them.

War Exercises

Oak Construction

Node Set

Tier 3






  • +5% replenishment rate for all armies and fleets
  • -5% recruitment costs for all ships
  • -5% upkeep cost for all fleets
Requires Technologies Leather SailsLeather Sails
Enables Technologies Canvas SailsCanvas Sails
Enables Buildings Raiders\' PortRaiders\' Port