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Boiling Oil Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Siege Tier 3

Boiling Oil

Not even the bravest can master their horror when being scalded to death.

The passive protection of walls was never enough to keep out attackers. Defenders began experimenting with other ways to repel invading enemy forces, and one such method was the use of boiling oil. The Roman army encountered it at the siege of Jotapata. The historian Josephus described the effect the oil had on the Roman soldiers, "the oil did easily run down the whole body from head to foot, under their armour, and fed upon their flesh like flame itself."


Boiling Oil

Node Set

Tier 3






  • -5% siege unit costs (all provinces)
  • +1 siege hold-out time for besieged settlements
    (double for city-ports) (all regions)
  • Enables settlement gates to pour boiling oil (all regions)
Requires Technologies Wagon LaagerWagon Laager
Enables Technologies Ammunition StoresAmmunition Stores