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Large Defences Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Construction Tier 4

Large Defences

All the people should be able to shelter when attackers come a' raiding.

Maiden Castle in Dorset contains incredible defences constructed as far back as 350BC and slowly added to over time. Its large reinforced limestone ramparts provided protection for a population of several hundred. Perhaps the most interesting of Maiden Castle’s defences is its ammunition store, a large pit found just inside the east gate containing 20,000 carefully chosen pebbles that would have been used as slingshot during sieges.


Large Defences

Node Set

Tier 4






  • -5% building construction costs (all regions)
  • -3% provincial capital and minor settlement main chain construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies Tax LabourTax Labour
Enables Technologies Double Wall ConstructionDouble Wall Construction
Enables Buildings Town (Amber Trader)Town (Amber Trader)
Town (Glass Maker)Town (Glass Maker)
Town (Shaft Mine)Town (Shaft Mine)
Town (Grain Irrigated Farm)Town (Grain Irrigated Farm)
Town (Shaft Mine)Town (Shaft Mine)
Town (Leather Workshop)Town (Leather Workshop)
Town (Timber Yard)Town (Timber Yard)
Town (Marble Cutter)Town (Marble Cutter)
Town (Mola Olieria)Town (Mola Olieria)
Town (Dye Works)Town (Dye Works)
Town (Silk Market)Town (Silk Market)
Town (Winemaker)Town (Winemaker)