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Enclosed Settlement Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Construction Tier 6

Enclosed Settlement

A wall defines the boundaries of home and the wild.

The Aedui built an impressive settlement, known as Bibracte, near Burgundy in France. Its walls were thought to be five kilometres in circumference and five metres in height. Inside, the city was dominated by the royal palace and its streets were packed with craftsmen, jewellers and ironworkers. Archaeologists have been able to study this site extensively owing to the fact that the initially pro-Roman Aedui avoided the treatment of the many tribes who fought against the Roman occupation of Gaul, there settlements largely remaining intact as a result.


Enclosed Settlement

Node Set

Tier 6






  • -7% building construction costs (all regions)
  • +1 growth in all regions per turn (all provinces)
  • -5% provincial capital and minor settlement main chain construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies Double Wall ConstructionDouble Wall Construction Dry Stone ConstructionDry Stone Construction
Enables Buildings Industry OppidumIndustry Oppidum
Trade OppidumTrade Oppidum
Tribal OppidumTribal Oppidum
Sacred SpringSacred Spring