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Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus) Imperator Augustus

Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus) Faction

After Caesar’s spectacular and bloody murder on the floor of the Senate-house, only the loyalty of his Legions prevented Octavian, his newly-adopted son and heir, from fading into obscurity. With their backing, he seized Rome and forged a three-way dictatorship – the Second Triumvirate – with Mark Antony and Lepidus. Together they purged the Senate, defeated Caesar’s murderers and carved up the Republic. Now, Octavian stands with one foot in Gaul and the other in Rome, ready to dispatch the final obstacles between him and his rightful legacy: his fellow dictators Marc Antony and Lepidus.

Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus)

Campaign Map

Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus)
Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus)

Faction Name

Octavian's Rome (Imperator Augustus)







Military Group


Faction Group


Faction Group

Rome Rome
He who rules in Rome can rule the world, but only through the glory of conquest!
One Ruler: All Roman factions share a major diplomatic penalty with all other Roman factions (cultural aversion)
[NOT DISPLAYED] +3 security against authority-based agent actions
[NOT DISPLAYED] +3 security against cunning-based agent actions
[NOT DISPLAYED] +3 security against zeal-based agent actions
Roman Legions: +2 recruitment slot in all your provinces

Political Parties

Other Houses Other Houses
By age and experience these noble families are most qualified to rule or provide counsel when necessary.
Playable: False
Initial Power: 40
No Effect
Octavian Dynasty Octavian Dynasty
Octavian was the adopted son and heir of the assassinated dictator Julius Caesar. He was a member of the Second Triumvirate, one of the three dictators controlling the Republic. However, to quell the ambitions of the remaining Triumvir, by necessity, Octavian had to take charge.
Playable: True
Initial Power: 60
[NOT DISPLAYED] adds subsistence wealth to faction capital only / scope: faction
Barbarian Subduers: +15% melee attack during battles against barbarian tribes
Romanisation: +6 to cultural conversion
40 Legatus
160 Veteran Legionaries
Veteran Legionaries
Melee Infantry
160 Evocati Cohort
Evocati Cohort
Melee Infantry
40 Legatus
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Bactrian Hillmen
Auxiliary Bactrian Hillmen
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Axe Warriors
Auxiliary Axe Warriors
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Naked Swords
Auxiliary Naked Swords
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Short Swords
Auxiliary Short Swords
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Celtic Warriors
Auxiliary Celtic Warriors
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Falxmen
Auxiliary Falxmen
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Hillmen
Auxiliary Hillmen
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Egyptian Infantry
Auxiliary Egyptian Infantry
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Gallic Warriors
Auxiliary Gallic Warriors
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Scutarii
Auxiliary Scutarii
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Iberian Swordsmen
Auxiliary Iberian Swordsmen
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Coastal Levies
Auxiliary Coastal Levies
Melee Infantry
160 Auxiliary Illyrian Raiders
Auxiliary Illyrian Raiders
Melee Infantry
160 Socii Extraordinarii
Socii Extraordinarii
Melee Infantry