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Pagus (Master Winemaker) Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Wine Level 4

Pagus (Master Winemaker)

A master vintner reserves the finest grapes. The rest are left for the masses.

Wine has been a big part of western civilisations for thousands of years. The growing and fermenting of grapes began as early 7000BC in what is now the Caucasus. However, much of modern wine culture derives from the practices of the ancient Greeks. To the ancient peoples wine was not so much a pastime as a religion: the goddess Geshtinana in Egypt, Bacchus in Rome and Dionysus in Greece all looked over the produce of the fermented grape. Wherever the Romans conquered they also traded, settled and drank, which accounts for the great spread of viticulture throughout the empire years and the establishment of the major wine regions and grape varieties we know today. However the ancients would have thought us barbaric for drinking wine undiluted; a civilised culture always mixed at least one part wine to two parts water.


Farmstead (Vineyard)
Farmstead (Vineyard)
Wine Level 0
Village (Large Vineyard)
Village (Large Vineyard)
Wine Level 1
Town (Winemaker)
Town (Winemaker)
Wine Level 2
Pagus (Master Winemaker)
Pagus (Master Winemaker)
Wine Level 3
Pagus (Master Winemaker)

Building Name

Pagus (Master Winemaker)

Level Name


Building Chain


Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Technology

Dry Stone Construction
Dry Stone Construction


-8 food (this_region)
+20% wealth from all commerce (regions_in_this_province)
250 wealth from local commerce (this_building)
+4 growth per turn (this_province)
+4 public order per turn (all provinces)
160 wine (this_building)
[NOT DISPLAYED] Drives the road levels between settlements (this_region)
+12 line of sight across borders (this_region)

Provides Garrison Army

120 Steppe Archers
120 Steppe Archers
Steppe Archers
Missile Infantry
80 Noble Horse Archers
Noble Horse Archers
Missile Cavalry
160 Tribesmen
160 Tribesmen
Spear Infantry

Recruitable Units

Recruitable Units Lv. 0
No. Unit Sol. Costom Cost Recru. Cost Unkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
80 Steppe Horse Archers
Cavalry / Missile Cavalry / (Ste_Horse_Archers)
Steppe Horse Archers
These horse archers can pepper an enemy before moving in for close-combat.
80 360 360 80 40 125 6 15 9 24 4 13 10 70 30
160 Young Axes
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ste_Young_Axes)
Young Axes
Youthful courage and desire for glory make up for any shortcomings in axe-skill.
160 190 190 50 28 26 14 51 15 45 25