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Grove of Agrimpasa Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus)Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Level 2

Grove of Agrimpasa

Blessed are the followers of Agrimpasa, for they have the love of the goddess.

Most information about the Scythian pantheon is secondhand, and filtered through Herodotus, the Greek writer. In the case of Agrimpasa, he equated the goddess to Aphrodite Urania, an aspect of Aphrodite who was more concerned with spiritual love rather than bodily lust. In comparing goddesses he was following an intellectual, if mostly snobbish, tradition of many civilised men. This idea of 'interpretatio graeca', or 'explaining the world in Greek terms' was fine for Herodotus and his intended audience. Anything alien could be explained by Greek examples and analogues. It is difficult to know what is accurate and reasonable in his description, as opposed to material that might be Herodotus fitting into his civilised Greek world view around awkward barbarian facts. At this remove, it’s almost impossible to judge.

Grove of Agrimpasa

Building Name

Grove of Agrimpasa

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+2 Nomadic cultural influence (this_region)
-1 food (this_region)
100 wealth from livestock (agriculture) (this_building)
+4 public order per turn (this_province)
Bread and Games Edict:
+5% wealth generated by agricultural buildings (this_province)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units